Top 10 picnic spots in New York that you must visit today!

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A whole day spent in a picnic spot with friends and family is a day well spent. Packing lunch and snacks, carrying games, bicycles and football for a game sure are interesting. In this age of stress where people have no time to holiday together, going on a picnic for a day nearby is surely a welcome change for many of us. But you need to know the places to picnic in New York. Here is a list!

  1. MacNeil Park at College Point

This waterfront park has expansive views of Long Island, Whitestone Bridge and Manhattan skyline.

  1. Wave Hill

This public garden on the Hudson has some very popular picnic spots.

  1. Staten Island Ferry

You get to view lower Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and Staten Island on a free boat trip.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

With fine lush green grass to put blanket on and lay down on a lazy Sunday with closed ones and view shadows of Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and perhaps the best view of downtown Manhattan, life will look more beautiful.

  1. Cherry Hill in Central Park

Overlooking the curved bridge and lake, this lake is beautifully located and quiet. Cherry blossoms bloom in spring here which is a treat to watch.

  1. Green Wood Cemetery

The north part of the cemetery is safe and comparatively lively and beautiful. Gothic doors, antique monuments with wilds and parrots in the background make it perfect for a weekend escape.

  1. Inwood Hill Park

Located on rocky banks of Hudson the park consists of a hiking trail, glacial rock formations and Manhattan’s last salt marsh.

  1. Prospect park by the lake

With plush green grass to sit and calm water body nearby to look at and relax, this is perhaps the best way to drive away all the stress and tiredness.

  1. The Rockaway’s Breezy Point Tip

At the far end of Rockaway peninsula Breezy point joins Atlantic Ocean. With beach, dunes, and endless horizon of the blue sea, you can relax and have a wonderful time. You can also watch the migrating shorebirds and planes taking off or landing at JFK.

  1. Moses Mountain in the greenbelt

With dirt and rocks around hike to the top of mountain for a panoramic view of the harbor, this indeed is a peaceful place to picnic.