Top Cities of USA that must be avoided for Christmas 2015

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Season to remain jolly and fresh is here! Voice from radio channels reminds all of us that it is the most wonderful time of the year that we have been waiting for.
But, beware, if you are visiting the below mention cities of the United States of America. To find out the reasons read below:

Get saved from the shtick of “Brotherly Love”. The place has earned a permanent reputation to be avoided for Christmas as Santa Claus was pelt with snowballs and was booed off the field.

With Sunshine perpetually 354 days in a year, you don’t really get to fulfill your dream of seeing white Christmas. Thus, a place that should be avoided certainly for Christmas.
International Falls, MN
The place is situated at the Canadian Border and is also called “The Nation’s Icebox,”. A puffin can only fall in love with a place like this. Even the thought of magical holidays doesn’t make it easier for you enjoy the icicles and blistering winds hanging from your nose.

New York (The Bronx)
Do not misunderstand me; I am not talking about Manhattan as surely, it is the place to be if you wish to have a gala time during the Christmas. But, same is not the case with Bronx where you find people urinating on the streets and even panhandling. Even the yearly tree lighting ceremony that used to take place in Ciccarone Park has been cancelled.

Anywhere in The Bahamas
If you are the type of person who like celebrate alone, then Bahamas is the place for you. Even after being a predominantly Christian state, Bahamians don’t seem to believe in the religion. They are seen celebrating the mistletoe-deprived yet colorful festival of Junkanoo instead of Christmas.
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Thus, you know the list of cities that should be avoided for Christmas in 2015!