Why Should you Drink Daily : Must Read

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When you wake up every morning and are rushing for office, the one thing that all remember to drink is MILK! Irrespective of the country, all take milk in the morning. We all are of the health benefits of drinking milk or other dairy products of milk. But did you all know the facts about milk that I am going to discuss below?

  • The packaging paper that is utilized for Tetra Pak aseptic milk is obtained from growing forests.
  • In the United States of America, around 99% of the households buy milk.
  • In the year 1919, Homogenized milk came into the market.
  • It has been proved in studies that if you consume dairy products along with healthy diet, then you are at low risk to get affected by obesity and osteoporosis.
  • In both shelf safe milk and refrigerated versions, same milk is found.
  • Bull is the name of male cattle and all female are cows.
  • Recently, in a study it was found out that half of the population of US is vitamin B-12 deficient and the only solution to this is by introducing dairy products like MILK and fortified cereals in the diet.
  • Dairy cows are really useful as they provide 90% of the Earths milk.
  • It has been recommended by the federal government’s current Dietary Guidelines for Americans that all the children who are between the age group of 9-18 require 3 servings of dairy products in their diet daily. But sadly, it has been found out that only 12 % of the girls and 30% of the boys who let this age-bracket fulfill this criterion.
  • Milk is composed of 85 to 95% water and rest of it is: proteins, fat, carbohydrates and nutritious vitamins. Thus, why should one avoid drinking milk?
  • Nutrition in milk: Milk consists of Vitamins A, B12, D and essential minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, protein and phosphorus.
  • To protect your perfect smile, the ideal way is to eat cheese and yogurt. With regular consumption of milk, the chances of getting affected by cavities and acidity in the mouth are also reduced.
  • The easiest way to get the amount of calcium body wants is by drinking milk regularly.

Keep your bones stronger by drinking milk regularly.





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