5 Reasons your Dog is your ideal partner in bed

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Most of the dog owners allow their dog to sneak in their bed in night. They have no reasons to give, but we have got some of the reasons for you. Our reasons will give all dog loves justified reasons to sleep with their dogs in their bed in the same quilt sharing the same pillow. Without any doubts, dogs are the best companions.

So, if you are being traumatized every night by your wife to let your dog in, then here are your reason for you to give her:-

#1 – Anxiety is relieved by Dogs

We all know that dogs relive the anxiety in humans. There have been so many live examples where dogs have been able to cure people with severe anxiety disorders. Not only, they help in making people calm and composed but also helps in giving them a good night’s sleep relieving them of all the stress and strain of the day. If you sleep with your dog in your bed, then you can sleep better and also get a tranquil sleep.

#2 – Dogs makes you feel safe and secure

Photo by Brendan Bell via Flickr.

One of the reasons that all give to keep dogs is to feel safe at their home. It doesn’t matter, whether you have got a full y trained dog or a dog that will sleep tight with you like mine. All you need is the safety that your dog provides whether he is sleeping next to you or in his kennel. And when you feel secure, you obviously sleep better.

#3 – Your dog loves it

Our dogs love to be spoiled. They are opportunist, so if you give them a green signal to sleep on your bed, they would simply love it. After all seeing them elated, even you are happy and make you feel so calm and composed. So, finally so are sleeping with your dog on your bed for his happiness. Give me a high five for this!

#4 – Dogs Are Cozy and Warm

Pillows and blankets are cozy and warm. Bu they cannot be compared to the warmth of dogs of fur and body warmth. Most of the dog lovers’ admit that sleeping at night with their dogs gives them more warmth at night. Even a small, tiny dog next to you in your blanket makes you feel warm and more comfortable.

#5 – Dogs Improve Depression

Photo by SuperFantastic via Flickr.

Just as the dogs relive you from the anxiety, they are proven to reduce the depression in people. Unconditional love is being offered by dogs to people. Dog lovers would admit that their day cannot end on a gloomy note after meeting your dog at your home. Thus, if you are thinking of curing your depression and unwanted blues, then keep a dog is the best option possible.

So,  make your dog sleep with you in bed without feeling guilty and show this article to people who pose questions at you.