Top 6 Terrorists Attacks ever Experienced!

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Terrorism is increasing day by day in every corner of the world. We read about it in newspapers, we are the ultimate sufferers! Who can forget the miseries that any attack brings about the lives of people who get affected. Some dates are penned down in our minds as the black dates of history like”9/11 and 26/11” and are associated with deep pain and anguish. We all need to be united to stop these horrifying attacks.

Here is the list of top 5 terrorists’ attacks of the history that shook the world with its terror

6) Ma’a lot Massacre Terrorist Attacks:

15th May 1973 is considered as a black day and the worst day in the history of Israel. The state happened to be the only Jewish state of earth.

In Israeli history, May 15, 1973 May 15, is considered as the worst day. This is because of the huge massacre happened there as it was the only Jewish state on the earth. 2 terrorists belonging to Liberation of Palestine could manage to easily enter the state and left the entire state to mourn. Around 25 people were killed and 66 were left injured out of the 115 that were mad hostages.


5) TWA Flight 841 Terrorist attacks:

It was not a Hi-Jack, but much more than that. It is the most terrifying air attack. On 8thSept, 1974, flight normally took off from Athens to reach Rome. For about 70 minutes, the flight halted at Greece to take off for tits next destination New York City International Airport. In no time, the plane all of a sudden crashed into the Lonian Sea. Initially, engine failure was seen as the reason. But soon after that the truth came out that the crash happened due to the bomb blast by Abu Nadil Terrorist organization. . All the 80 people traveling in the plane along with the crew members collapsed in the Lonian Sea with plane.

TWA Flight 841 Terrorist attacks

4) Manhattan Attacks:

During the year 1997, a famous nationalist group Puerto Ricon FALN came into picture. The group was involved in the some of the terrorist activated in the United States of America. On 3rd August, group of people gained entry into g Manhattan and attacked Mobil Oil building and Defense builds of the US. Although, only 8 people were injured in the attack but it left a question on the security of US.

Manhattan attack

3) Paris attacks (November 2015):

On 13TH November, 2015, Capital of France was under the attack of terrorists. There were mass shootings, hostage-taking, suicide bombings as a result of coordinated terrorist’s attacks all over. Soon, the love city was painted red not with love but with bloodshed all over. Outside the Stade de France in Saint-Denis suicide bombing took place first at 21:20 CET. Sooner, mass shootings and suicide bombing started at other 4 locations of Paris. After the World War II, this was the most brutal attack happened on the soil of Paris.

Paris attacks (November 2015)

2) 26/11 Mumbai attacks:

26/11 cannot be forgotten as the date is painted in red in the history of India. Terrorists chose the most royal and famous chain of hotel for attack: Hotel Taj Mahal. The battle between the armed forces and terrorists carried for 64 hours till all the terrorists were shot down and 1 was arrested alive. Bombing, shooting was continuously on from both the sides leaving a permanent mark in the memory of hundreds of people who were made hostages in the hotels. Not only this, there were 10 other similar attacks in Mumbai in different corners and hotels of Mumbai on the same day. Although, Hotel Taj was the main focus area of the terrorists where death toll was around 100 as there were people of various countries in the hotel and not only Indians.

Mumbai attacks

1) 9/11 attack (WTC):

9/11 has been definitely the worst ever terrorist attack leaving 8900 people injured and 2993 dead. There are literally some videos depicting how people fell from the top of the building when World trade center was attacked. People from different parts of the world worked there, thus in the United States of America the worst ever attack was planned and executed there. The attack was a nightmare for the public of US and still it is for the affected families. The worst attack ever in the world history. It is reported that 2.993 were dead and 8,900 were injured.

The atrocious attack was planned and executed by the Osama Bin Laden who was the top terrorist. It was planned that 4 planes would hit the twin buildings but instead 2hit and other two missed the target. Whereas 1 hit the Washington pentagon and other one crashed in the fields of Summer set County. The attack affected the democratic policies and rules of the US. More so, it questioned the security of the most powerful nation. Also, it brought about the recession as IT companies were severely got affected by the attack.

Size of the attack doesn’t matter! Terrorism has to stop for once and for all. There should be no tolerance for it. It should be considered as another war! I know there are many more… but let’s all put an effort to stop the terrorism.






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